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SterileTab Protecting lives on both sides of the glove!

     At SterileTab the primary goal is to provide improved protection and safety for those who depend on gloves to keep them safe and healthy. Presently, recommended and commonly used practices of removing gloves after the possibility of contamination is deficient and unnecessarily exposes users to contaminants. The practices require pulling down on the wrist area of a glove, which oftentimes is not possible to grasp, or reaching under the wristband, thereby touching the forearm or wrist, ensuring contamination. Below are illustrations of the current recommended procedures for removing contaminated gloves.


*   Exterior of gloves becomes contaminated

*   If at any point skin becomes contaminated during removal, immediately wash

     the affected area or use an alcohol based sanitize

*   Using a SterileTab gloved hand, grasp the patented tab and pull towards the

     fingers, peeling off and inverting the first glove

*   Maintain a grasp of the glove in the gloved hand

*   Grasp the remaining SterileTab and invert the second glove over the first glove

*   Discard gloves in an “infectious” waste container

Why us?

A SterileTab glove is a simple proactive measure that makes protection against contamination easier. The technology is simple and is so versatile it can be used in any industry requiring hand protection. The SterileTab team is ready to assist any organization exploring the opportunity to add an additional level of safety to its arsenal of Personal Protective Equipment.